Famous Fist Digital Talking About Digital Marketing

Fist Digital advising company focuses on the fact that the number of the internet users is increasing daily where stakeholders are doing their best to benefit from this furious trend. Statistics say even 50% of the human population is now connected online which diverted to numbers gives us some incredible calculation. Development of this is focusing every business to reach their audience online by using the internet at a large scale. Here is where the field of Marketing dominates and takes its role while experiencing revolution and evolving like no other area. Fist Digital gives you some 5 basic facts that will make anybody believe, if already not, in the power and popularity of Digital Marketing.

Every minute in Digital Space

One killing fact is that over 150 000 000 emails are sent every minute in Digital world. Nobody has to be a math expert to realize the importance of only this number. Only knowing this amount of activity anybody would be crazy if not being included some way in Digital Marketing. Fist recommends to anybody to inform more about other numbers regarding Digital Marketing if they wish to promote their business. 70000 tweets a minute or 700000 searches made on Google sound pretty fascinating, doesn’t it?

Social Media constant grow

Facebook as the most famous Social Media platform has around 1.8 billion users. Keep in mind this is growing from hour to hour constantly. This is most perfect, fertile ground for any type of advertising which only results by pouring billions of dollars in this platform alone.

Mobile search dominates

Mobile searchThis is a real era of mobile domination regarding digital marketing. This is a form of great advantage while reaching important customers. Sharing your story or press release while driving or being in an airplane presents really a great power in this world. Statistics say even 50% of searches in the world are made on mobile. So it is essential to make sure your website goes mobile-friendly. Best recommended way is to use responsive design which will respond to any device your audience is using. The same thing is with email marketing, and it is essential to keep your email marketing mobile friendly also.

Online videos

As Fist Digital says, this is one of the hottest areas in the Digital Marketing world. The visual world is something that will always attract any age, gender or profession when it comes to business or pleasure. Showing them how to solve some problem, how to do something or having a peek into your business will for sure get more of their attention. Fist Digital always talks about the consideration of creating a YouTube channel which is for free and exposes your business to the widest audience.
In the end, Fist Digital will always remind everybody of the fact if you are the best at what you do, domination is inevitable.