7 Terrifying Facts About Artificial Intelligence

This is a technology which made huge progress in very short time becoming a very hot conversation topic among most of human society. While some people find it extremely scary and something that could erase humankind others find it truly fascinating. Fact is it could be as moral as we build it but it is a really hard road to overcome. Just think of the moral side of digital marketing and social media. There are some facts about it that amaze lot of people while others feel pretty terrified about it.

1. It’s a female

We all noticed while watching and listening to the movies that fine female voice and appearance presenting artificial intelligence. It is not terrifying as it is fascinating. It is shown with studies that both genders enjoy much more sound of the female voice and usually men work on artificial intelligence so as they find their science attractive they consider it to have also visually attractive shape and what is better than a nice looking female figure? Is there anything more to say when connecting to digital marketing and female gender?

2. Moment of Apocalypse

Everybody is aware of the fact that artificial intelligence improves everybody’s life in some way, starting from simple house-keeping to more global roles like safer roads or medicine help. But it is also not a science fiction fact that it presents an incredible threat. Some scientists even compare it with nuclear weapons mentioning that there is only one chance of making it work right because losing control just once leads to disaster. This kind of power also grows within digital marketing leading to the destructible use of important information.

3. Smarter than humans

Power of learning is incredible within artificial intelligence and it is becoming incredibly smart that even some scientists say it will reach an adult human level of intelligence by 2029. Some even believe a moment of melding humans and artificial intelligence into one entity is inevitable. It is not a lie that people are already losing their real lives in a world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram living some perfect, artificial life.

4. Repairing itself

There are robots with a power, based on algorithm calculation to figure out how to fix themselves in order to function properly as before. There is an even similar process going on in nature, more precisely in a world of atoms making up the Earth.

5. Artificial intelligence pets

AI PetJust imagine a pet that doesn’t make any mess, is not destructive doesn’t have to be fed or taken out while making a strong emotional contact with you. It sounds a little weird but it is a real fact this will be only viable option for most people as we become overpopulated. It is the same as we don’t have to go somewhere to see something and enjoy it, just turning on our mobile phone and opening some Instagram or Facebook profile shows whatever we want to know and look without almost any effort.

Develops a romantic relationship

As this sounds completely unbelievable it is much closer than we think. Just think of all the sex toys that use robotics people already are using for promised pleasures. We don’t have to mention the impact of Social Media in incredibly false relations made between people.


This computer is an interesting product of artificial intelligence that amazingly puts together an incredible number of information, graphs and charts in order to make just right information work in real time or how some would say, predict future. In Digital Marketing foundation that makes all the power is also information which makes the world go round.